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Our Vending Services

Traditional Vending:

Florida Fresh Vending offers a wide range of products through a variety of vending equipment designed to serve your specific requirements. Our equipment contains the latest vending technology and currency acceptance equipment that provides reliable results. We conduct analysis and customer interviews to properly select the type and size of vending equipment that will maximize customer satisfaction.

Florida Fresh Vending equipment includes:

  • Snack and Candy Vending Machines. Glass front machines from three wide to six wide dimensions equipped with guaranteed successful vend technology.
  • Cold Beverage Vending Machines. Our machines vend both cans and bottles in all shapes and sizes offering from eight to forty different types of selections depending on customer needs.
  • Fresh Food Vending Machines. Florida Fresh Vending is an industry leader in providing fresh food vending services. Our product offering includes generous portion deli sandwiches, submarine sandwiches, wraps, and more prepared daily by a local deli. We also provide other items including garden salads, fresh fruit, veggie sticks, and packaged foods.
  • Frozen Foods and Ice Cream Vending Machines. Multiple choices available to provide a wide variety of packaged frozen food and many different types of ice cream.
  • Hot Beverage Vending Machines. Our hot beverage machines provide for several selections including regular coffee, decaf coffee, cappuccino, French vanilla, hot chocolate, tea, and others.

Cashless Vending:

Card based transactions continue to grow as a desired method of payment. Florida Fresh Vending provides cashless vending solutions allowing customers to use their debit or credit cards to pay for their purchase. This cellular based technology does not require access to telephone or data lines at the customer site making the installation easy while not affecting the integrity of business data. This technology is not appropriate in all situations but we encourage customer input to determine if cashless vending is a viable solution.

Subsidized Vending:

Many organizations choose to subsidize a portion of vending purchases as a benefit to their employees. Florida Fresh Vending encourages these types of programs. Internal vending machine meters are utilized to provide detailed information in order to invoice organizations for the company sponsored portion.

Free Vending:

In certain situations you may desire the convenience of vending without charging the user for the products served. Many times this arrangement is used to offer free coffee without the headache and mess that comes from self brewing. Florida Fresh Vending will vend our products by setting the machine to “free vend” and bill your organization monthly for the products dispensed.

Office Coffee Services:

Some companies and facilities choose to offer coffee and other hot drinks to employees and customers as a means to improve morale, productivity and loyalty. Florida Fresh Vending provides traditional Office Coffee Services (“OCS”) to help our customers offer this benefit. We provide a wide variety of OCS equipment and products and jointly develop a solution with our customers that address their specific needs.


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